Quartz vs Laminate Countertops

All the pros and cons of quartz countertops can be found here: http://quartzcountertopsinfo.com/quartz-pros-and-cons/

Laminate countertops are probably the least expensive countertop option. The low price can however be seen on the finished, installed product. I’m not a fan of laminate countertops, mainly because they look cheap and boring.

The quality of laminate countertops are quite good, but if they scratch they’re difficult, if not impossible to repair, which means that you would have to change the whole countertop. Laminate countertops can’t be compared to quartz countertops when it comes to how hard the materials are. Quartz is super hard while laminate can be scratched, not very easy but quite.

Laminate countertops can’t handle heat fron pans and pots, it will leave marks if you try. A quartz countertop have no problem handling some heat. Cleaning laminate countertops is easy though, just as with quartz countertops.

If you want a really cheap countertop option, go for laminate, but don’t get angry when you discover how cheap they look and how easy it is to ruin them. If you want something more unique, with a look of quality, go for a quartz countertop.

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